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Natural Disaster in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka (May 2017)

What you can do to help

The SCCI is in a position to facilitate this process, and is seeking your help and assistance to enable businesses to rebuild. 

The types of assistance that will benefit the Micro, Small, Medium and Large enterprises engaged in manufacturing, service, trading type activities can be categorized as the following on a priority basis

  • Financial assistance in the form of outright grants
  • Financial assistance in the form of interest free loan schemes or low interest with long grace periods and extended payback periods
  • Credit supply for the self-employed and craftsmen on easy terms
  • Creation of revolving funds for livelihood programs
  • Provision of temporary work sheds, and toolkits for artisans and craftsmen
  • Setting up of Handloom /Handicraft parks and rural industry centres
  • Assistance to small, medium and large Industries Assistance to tourism units
  • Assistance to traders and shop owners
  • Assistance for farm inputs and implements
  • Assistance in Entrepreneurship Training for both new and existing industries

We are happy to consider different packages of assistance on behalf of the business community in Ratnapura, and to work closely with your organisation to provide compliance and assurance that the monies will be spent on initiatives that will bring about long-term recovery and rehabilitation.