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Women's Wing

Women's Wing

Special programme is planned to recognize the fields in which women entrepreneurs in Ratnapura district are mostly occupied, and then to launch special training programmes on the fields with a feasibilities of further upgrading or development. The SCCI has already worked on the same during past two years, with a special attention to the fields of garment industry, beauty culture and food processing sectors, and it is planned to promote the knowledge on management and Technical know-how, required for respective fields of such women entrepreneurs, even in future. Following description is a brief of the achievements of the programme, launched during the past period, targeting the above group, and the programme is still ongoing with many future plans, aiming at the advancement of benefiters.

"Subha Sri" Beauty Culture Association Members Awurudu Uthsawaya 2014

Awurudu Uthsawaya held at 20th April 2014 @ Mudduwa Ground, Ratnapura

Beauty Culture Service Exhibition - Wedding Day 2011

An exhibition and workshops was held, on beauty culture and technical training on the same, to educate customers getting the service of beauticians, after selecting 50 nos. of professional beauticians in the district, and making a society of them.

1st Meeting of Formation Women's Wing